Thunder Bay Tournament Centre

Thunder Bay Tournament Centre COVID-19 Rules

This is an ever-revolving time with changes happening regularly for everyone’s safety. We request you have patience with the situation, as we are all learning together. Thank you.

Thunder Bay Tournament Centre COVID-19 Rules

  • Arrival time must not be any more then 15 minutes before the scheduled ice time

  • All skaters must arrive to the rink fully dressed (aside from skates and helmets being carried)

  • Participants will be entering in the side doors of rink 1 (door are marked) By Zamboni doors

  • Participants when entering rink will be required to wear a mask, mask can be taken off when they put on their helmet before skating

  • There will be a limit of 20 skaters allowed on the ice including instructors

  • Instructors are not required to wear a mask while on the ice

  • Coaches not on the ice will need to wear a mask

  • Currently, we are not permitting any spectators in the building

  • Groups will be required to social distance while in the dressing room, we have marked off spaces for them to sit (10 per room)

  • Skaters will stay in dressing until ice ready and coaches come get you

  • All skaters must leave the leave rink as quickly as possible after their allotted time to give my cleaners time to clean for the next group

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