Thunder Bay Tournament Centre

Signage Program:  Arena Boards Information and Layout

The Rink Board Signage Program offers your company the opportunity to choose a variety of marketing options that will best suit your company's specific needs and with over 350,000 visitors annually, you're sure to be seen.

Signage Placement

  • Your choice of Rink 1 or Rink 2
  • Choose both rinks for added savings
  • Choose two boards in each Rink for greater savings

Signage Sizes

  • Your choice of a Single Board 30" x 84"
  • Double your visibility with our Double Board 30" x 180"

Signage Colour

  • Choose between One and Full Color process
  • Full Color Graphic Pictures also available. Price quote

Signage Frequency

  • Choose between One and Five Year Programs
  • Realize savings for each additional year

Signage Payment Plans

  • The Full Payment Option

All Rink Board signage placements will receive total visibility within the event centre, both from the facility spectator seating and the Tournament Centre Lounge and Restaurant.

Rink Board signage will be produced on lightweight styrene panels, covered with durable and transparent Lexan sheets. For signage board consistency each board will be manufactured by Sign Design of Thunder Bay.

Each Rink Board will be produced and placed in such a manner that the proper spacing between boards will provide a professional look, allowing for the best possible exposure for your company’s advertising message.

Sample Single Rink Board Size 30" x 84"

board ad   board ad

Sample Double Rink Board Size 30" x 180"

  board ad